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T3FUN Press Launch 2011

Posted By on February 28, 2011

Last Saturday (February 26, 2011), Silent Princess attended the T3Fun Press Launch at Oakwood  Hotel in Ortigas. The said event was hosted by DJ Sky of 99.5 RT and attended by fellow invited bloggers and some of the press media.

The launch started with Mr. Taesun An’s opening remarks and followed by the introduction of T3Fun’s major MMORPGs such as Aika Global and CardMon Hero which were developed by Hanbitsoft.


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LP: Kaunti (Few)

Posted By on February 24, 2011

Sinubukan ni Silent Princess na makakuha ng maraming litrato ng bula sa abot ng kanyang makakaya nang ang kanyang anak ay naglalaro ng kanyang Bubble Sword na laruan.  Ang Bubble na laruan na iyon ay nakapaglabas ng maraming bula ngunit kaunti lamang ang nakuhang litrato ni Silent Princess.   Mahirap makakuha ng litrato nila.  Ito ang mga kaunting litrato ng bula na nakuha ni Silent Princess at ang mga ito ang lahok ko ngayong linggo sa temang “Kaunti” sa Litratong Pinoy. (Silent Princess tried to capture as many bubble pictures as she could when her daughter was playing her Bubble Sword toy.  That bubble toy produced many bubbles but Silent Princess were able to capture few pictures of them.  It was hard to capture pictures of them.  Here are the few bubbles that Silent Princess were able to capture and these are my entry for this week them “Few” at Litratong Pinoy.)


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Jay Tablante Photography’s Les Femmes Fatales Exhibit

Posted By on February 23, 2011

Yesterday, Silent Princess went to the opening of Jay Tablante Photography’s Les Femmes Fatales Exhibit at the Crucible Gallery in SM Megamall.  It is a cosplay themed exhibits of Jay Tablante.  He is a professional photographer in the fields of fashion and glamour.  Alodia Gosiengfiao, Nadine Howell, and Rhian Ramos were there.

I wasn’t able to get inside the Crucible gallery because of the too many people who were trying to get inside just to see and take pictures of Jay Tablante’s works and of course to take pictures of his three models who were there.

Jay Tablante


Photogallery: Rose

Posted By on February 22, 2011

To see more, click the image below:

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“The Black Mamba” Launch Screening

Posted By on February 21, 2011

Silent Princess was lucky enough to have won tickets to the launch screening of Kobe Bryant’s film, “The Black Mamba” at the Ronac ART Center.   I had fun and enjoyed Kobe’s film even if it’s just a short film.  The ambiance and the food at the event were really good.  The screening was hosted by an 89.9 DJ (sorry I forgot his name)  and I spotted there PBA players such as  Jared Dillinger, Harvey Carvey, and Jimmy Alapag.

I was able to take home posters of the Black Mamba film. The one thing missing on the said event were raffle prizes.  It would have been really great if they raffled a Nike Zoom Kobe VI shoes :D.  But all in all, I really enjoyed attending “The Black Mamba” launch screening, thank you Nike Philippines.

See the “Kobe Bryant is, The Black Mamba” film and some pictures of the said event below:


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Should I Fear The Black Mamba?

Posted By on February 17, 2011

Yes, if you’re talking about the Black Mamba snake.  But if it’s Kobe Bryant, I definitely should not fear him. But if you are planning to attack his game, you should fear him and you better run real fast.

As for me, I am looking forward on his latest film “The Black Mamba”.  Yes, Kobe Bryant is the lead star in this film.  Isn’t that great?

The Black Mamba is a Nike Basketball production and directed by Robert Rodriguez.  The film highlights Kobe’s everyday determination and “fight to the finish” spirit.  It showcases Kobe as one of the best basketball players in the world, featuring him as a “protector” of basketball as he fights off those wishing to destroy and attack the game.

Please watch the trailers below  to see the Black Mamba in action:


Photo Gallery: Butterfly

Posted By on February 15, 2011

To see more, click the image below:

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LP: Kaarawan (Birthday)

Posted By on February 3, 2011

Ang lahok ni Silent Princess ngayong linggo sa temang “Kaarawan” sa Litratong Pinoy ay mga “birthday cakes” ng akong mahal na anak na si Kasumi.  Hindi ko lang makita ang larawan ng cake niya nung ikadalawang kaarawan nya.   Siya ay limang taong gulang na ngayon at pinabayaan namin sya  na pumili ng design ng mga birthday cakes nya kahit na ang mga iyon ay simpleng selebrasyon ng kanyang kaarawan.   Ang bilis ng paglaki nya at minsan gusto kong ihinto ang oras.  Pero yun ang riyalidad, sya ay lalaki o tatanda at hindi ko sya mahahawakan habang buhay katulad ng isang bata sa aking kandungan.  I-enjoy ko n lang ang bawat panahon na meron kami habang sya ay bata pa at mapaglaro. (Silent Princess entry for this week’s theme “Birthday” at Litratong Pinoy are birthday cakes  of my dear daughter Kasumi.  I just couldn’t find the picture of her cake on her 2nd birthday celebration. She is now 5 years old and we let her choose cake’s designs for her birthdays even if they were just  simple family birthday celebrations.  She grows so fast and sometimes I just want to freeze time.  But that’s the reality, she’ll grow and I can not hold on her forever like a little baby on my lap.  I will just enjoy every moment that we have while she’s still young and playful.)


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Silent Princess Plays Allods Online

Posted By on February 2, 2011

Silent Princess just started playing a free MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) again, Level Up Games’ Allods online.  Yes, I’m some kind of an online gamer.  I love to play online games if time permits.  It’s been a while since I play online RPGs due to busy schedules.  Some MMORPGs that I already played  were Level Up Games’ Ragnarok Online, Tantra, LineAge, 9Dragons, etc..

With its great graphics, Silent Princess is enjoying playing Allods Online and I’m hoping that I will have more free time to play it. (more…)

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LP: Malambot (Soft)

Posted By on January 29, 2011

Ito ang lahok ni Silent Princess sa temang “Malambot” ngayong linggo sa Litratong Pinoy. Isang malambot na rosas na “teddy bear” na yakap yakap ng aking malambing na anak habang sya ay natutulog. Ang cute!  (This is Silent Princess’ entry for this week’s theme “Soft” at Litratong Pinoy.  A soft pink teddy bear being hugged by my sweet baby while she was sleeping.  So cute! )

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Arnel Pineda’s Farewell Gig at Rockville Bar

Posted By on January 27, 2011

Once again, the silence of Silent Princess was shaken by the voice of Arnel Pineda last night.  Yes, Silent Princess watched him again as he rocked the world of his fans at Rockville bar for the last time before The Journey’s World Tour.  That was his farewell gig for his loyal followers and he did not fail to rock, entertain, and melt their hearts through his voice.  It was a night of rock, fun, and love for all of us who were there.

As we were enjoying listening to Arnel Pineda as he sang this heart-warming song (sorry, I forgot the song but I think it’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water”), I saw this lady at the front wiping her tears and even Arnel was teary-eyed.  I didn’t know why this lady cried,  maybe because she was touched by the song and voice of Arnel and remembered someone she dearly love.  Oh well, I guess that’s how strong the effect of Arnel’s voice was in this lady’s heart or in every lady’s heart ^^. (more…)

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Baron Geisler Apologized to Cherry Pie Picache

Posted By on January 21, 2011

Silent Princess watched as the controversial actor Baron Geisler apologized to Cherry Pie Picache at Headstart with Karen Davila this morning. As we all know, Cherry Pie reportedly filed a complaint against the actor for sexual harassment. He also apologized to the entire showbiz industry. He admitted that he has serious problem with alcohol and he will be undergoing a 90-day rehabilitation starting next week.

Silent Princess is hoping that after that 90-day rehab, he’ll be a changed man. A man who respects a woman because a woman should be respected and loved, right? Let’s pray for him and hope for the best as what Karen Davila said, “Everyone can change”.

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LP: Malamig (Cold)

Posted By on January 20, 2011

Malamig na “Mineral Water” at “ice cubes” na hugis isda ang lahok ni Silent Princess para sa temang “Malamig” ngayong linggo sa Litratong Pinoy. Palagi akong umiinom ng malamig na “mineral water” at gustong gusto ko sya lalong-lalo na tuwing “Summer”. Itong “Sparkling Natural Mineral Water” ay isang regalo saken at hindi ko pa ito nabubuksan. Lagi kong nakakalimutang inumin ito dahil kapag nakikita ko sya sa refrigerator ay hindi sya mukhang mineral water hehehe. Ngunit noong naghahanap ako sa loob ng refrigerator ng pwede kong ilahok para sa tema ngayong Linggo, nakita ko ang boteng ito at binasa ko ang “label” at noon ko lang napagtanto na ito ay mineral water at iniregalo sa akin.

(Cold Mineral Water and ice cubes shaped like fish are Silent Princess’ entry for this week theme “Cold” at Litratong Pinoy. I always drink cold mineral water and I really like it especially during Summer. This Sparkling Natural Mineral Water was a gift for me and I haven’t opened it yet. I keep on forgetting to drink it because when I see it in the refrigerator it doesn’t look like a mineral water hehehe. But when I was looking inside the refrigerator for something I could post for this week theme, I saw this bottle and read the label and that was the only time I recognized that it is a mineral water and it was a gift for me.)

Ang aking pangalawang lahok ay larawan ng “ice cubes” na hugis isda.  Nalito nga ako kung ano dapat kong itawag kase hindi naman sya cubes hehehe at ang una kong naisip  na itawag ay ice fish hehehe. (more…)

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Improving Your Online Presence

Posted By on January 19, 2011

Today, there are around 6 billion internet users in the world and having your own website is not enough in order for your company to be more competitive.  Improving businesses’ online presence is critical in order to reach and interact with prospective customers.

Ms. Janette Toral, an Internet Marketing Consultant and the author of Blogging from E-Commerce Workshop E-Book co-author/editor of the Philippine Internet Review: 10 Years of Internet History (1994 – 2004), and DigitalFilipino: An E-Commerce Guide for the eFilipino, shared to Silent Princess her video series on how businesses can improve their online presence.  Her video series include: (more…)

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A Preview of the Video Game Awards 2010

Posted By on January 17, 2011

Hey gamers out there, yours truly, Silent Princess got invited to preview the Video Game Awards 2010 a week before the show’s TV telecast in Asia. It was my first time to watch a Video Game Award and I had a great time watching it.   The stage production design was so cool, giving the feel of the video games you play.

Neil Patrick Harris, known before as Doogie Howser Md and now a star on How I Met Your Mother, hosted the show.  He tried his best to entertain the audience.

Dane Cook presented the nominees for the Character of the Year award with pictures of him with the video game characters and video presentations of these video characters accepting the nomination which were really entertaining.  Sgt. Woods from Call of Duty: Black Ops won this award. (more…)

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