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Everything in Excess is Harmful

Posted By on November 20, 2010

This morning was the Parents and Teachers Conference and giving of report cards at my baby’s school.  Silent Princess is so proud because my baby is the 2nd Honor, Best in Language, and the Most Attentive in her class.  She never fails to amaze me with her performance in school. Keep it up my dear baby! Love you so much no matter what!

At the conference, the principal presented the problems they are currently facing with the grade 4-6 students.  According to them, these students are not performing well in school and they found out that excessive use of computers especially facebooking is the culprit behind this problem.  They observed that these students don’t care anymore if they’ll fail or not.  They are in class but their minds are wandering and they always complain  about headaches.  These students are honest to reveal that the reason behind this is that they sleep late because of using computers.

In today’s technology advancement, kids are also becoming so techie at an early age and parents are so amazed by it. Because of this, we forget to give them limitations.  We forget that everything in excess is harmful to our children.  This is a reminder to us parents that we should monitor and control their use of computers and other activities such as watching television and playing handheld computer games so that they will not forget about their studies.


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