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Do You Really Enjoy Being Tagged On Facebook?

Posted By on October 25, 2010

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites with over 5 million users today. FB users enjoy adding friends, posting photos, posting messages on their walls, playing games, chatting with FB friends, etc. One of the features of Facebook is the “Tag” feature where you can tag your friends in photos you uploaded if they are in those photos. We enjoyed it especially when we don’t have a copy of those photos. You can also be tagged in wall posts. But what if you were tagged by those online sellers in the pictures of their products they are selling? Do you enjoy it? Or what if you were tagged in photos that you don’t like to be posted on FB because you are ugly in that picture, it will destroy your image, or someone will get angry with that picture? Will you still want to be tagged in photos?

If you will observe it, most of the online sellers are using the “tag” feature to promote their products. So, if you have thousands of FB friends, for sure you will be tagged by these online sellers so that your friends will see their products. Some FB users are getting annoyed with this kind of marketing especially if they are the ones who are being tagged. For example, one male FB user gets annoyed every time he is being tagged by those who sell women underwear. What about you, is this ok with you? Read

Also, one danger of this tag feature is being tagged in photos you don’t like others to see. One of my friends once asked me to open his account to untag him in certain photos that were uploaded by his friend. He couldn’t open his FB account that time because in their office they have a set schedule that they could access Facebook. He was panicking because her girlfriend would get angry if she would see those photos. So, I opened his FB account and untagged him. Another friend of mine told me that he was tagged in old pictures where he was with his ex-girlfriend and their friends. The intention of his friend was just to reminisce old times the reason why most of us FB users upload old pictures on Facebook. His family saw the pictures and of course his children and wife made some comments about it. To avoid having issues about it, my friend untagged himself in these photos but his friend who was being insensitive or was not aware that he untagged himself in these pictures kept on posting pictures and tagging him. So, what he did was to text his friend not to tag him anymore in those old pictures and then he finally stopped tagging him.

Tagging is really fun. But we should be more sensitive in using this feature to avoid annoying others. One friend of mine once texted me just to ask me if she could tag me in our old pictures where I was pregnant. Since I was so big in those pictures she thought I might get angry or irritated if she would tag me, that’s why she asked my permission first. I said it was ok to tag me in that picture but after a while I untagged myself hehehe.

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2 Responses to “Do You Really Enjoy Being Tagged On Facebook?”

  1. it’s kind of spam, but depends on individual..i check my fb today and saw one of my friend’s status.. she is kind of annoy because someone has tag her with a scary dead people picture.

  2. silentprincess says:

    that is really annoying…

    thanks for the visit by the way.. ^_^

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