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The Silent Princess

Posted By on September 21, 2010

I never thought that there exist a fairy tale about a “Silent Princess”. I used this as my alias when my husband composed a music for me and entitled it Silent Princess. When I tried to search for it on Google, I found this story about a Silent Princess. I found out that The Silent Princess is a Turkish fairy tale in Andrew Lang’s The Olive Fairy Book. Cool. ¬†Read the story below:

There was once a Padishah who had a son, and the little Prince had a golden ball with which he was never tired of playing. One day as he sat in his kiosk, playing as usual with his favourite toy, an old woman came to draw water from the spring which bubbled up in front of the mansion.

The Shahzada, merely for a jest, threw his ball at the old woman’s jug and broke it. With out a word she fetched another jug and came again to the spring. For the second time the Prince threw his ball at the jug and broke it. The old woman was now angry, yet, fearing the Padishah, she dared not say a word, but went away and bought a third jug on credit, as she had no money. Returning a third time to the spring, she was in the very act of drawing water when again the young Prince’s ball struck her jug and shattered it to pieces. Her anger could no longer be suppressed, and, turning to ward the Shahzada, she cried: “I will say only this, my Prince: may you fall in love with the Silent Princess,” With these words she went her way. Continue

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