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Birthday and Vanity

Posted By on June 5, 2009

Today is my day, my birthday! Thank God for another meaningful year!

Now that I am 30 plus, I’ve become more conscious about myself physically.  Yes, I’m vain hehehe.
I have tried many moisturizing lotions to minimize and delayed wrinkles from being obvious even if I’m not very fond of putting lotions before.  I have tried different types of exercise but too lazy to continue exercising, hehehe.  Thank goodness, I  just need to firm some parts of my body.

I remember one time a friend of mine told me about her health. She has high cholesterol and I couldn’t believe it since she is very thin.  So ,we think that it is because we’re not getting any younger. So, we said that we should really take care of our health now.  She then told me about the cellulite she has on her legs and that she couldn’t wear shorts anymore because her nephews and nieces are teasing her about it.  Again, I couldn’t believe it because of her figure.  So, instead of searching tips on how to guard my cholesterol, I immediately  searched for some tips and advices to prevent cellulite from appearing, haha really vain.  I found an exercise for this and did that exercise for 2 weeks I think because laziness on exercising overpowered me again, hehehe.

Sometimes I’m too tired to be bothered by these things but when you’re being aware of how old you are, I couldn’t resist the power of vanity over me hehehe.

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