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Langka (Jackfruit)

Posted By on June 4, 2009

langkaI love fruits and “Langka” (jackfruit) is one of my favorite fruits.  Yesterday, on our way to UP to enroll in my MA degree, I saw the usual fruit stands that sell langka near the university.  I always see these fruit stands when we pass by on that street but it’s always hard to buy fruits there since there are lots of vehicles passing by.  So, I always end up just staring at the Langka and wishing that I can go there to buy some.  But yesterday, when we got lost inside the UP campus, hehehe we ended up on this street and so my hubby dropped me near the fruit stand and looked for a space where he could park so that I could finally buy langka.  He thought that I would only buy a small slice of the langka so he parked a bit far from the fruit stand.  I bought this half langka since that was the only chance I could buy langka.  I did not know that he parked a bit far from the fruit stand so, I ended up carrying this heavy langka (wa poise) hehehe.  Now, my daughter and I are enjoying the Langka, yes, she loves langka too hehehe.


Langka is a good source of fiber.  Halo-halo is not complete without it. The cooked raw langka in coconut milk is also so yummy to eat with rice.  Langka will always be a favorite of mine so, I hope there are more fruit stands here in Manila that sell langka so that I will not miss this fruit badly.

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