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A Wedding Cake

Posted By on May 27, 2009

cakeJust recently, we attended the wedding of my hubby’s cousin. This is the picture of their very nice and unique wedding cake. The cake that symbolizes the sweetness of their love for each other. It is always nice to attend weddings. It makes you remember your own wedding and your emotions on that day. The joy and the sweetness of love that both of you have for each other.  Ignoring the challenges that would come into the married life especially the fights and arguments.  Fights will always be part of a married life whether we like it or not. They say that it spices up the marriage but if it is not handled correctly it will destroy the marriage.  Even the sweetest couple on a wedding sometimes forget the “’till death do us part” vow because of this.  So, it is important that every couple should always have the sweetness of their love for each other.

wedding cake

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  1. sassy mom says:

    Ang sarap! Yummy…drooling here.

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