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Hunting for A Preschool

Posted By on May 19, 2009

preschoo1Now that my baby is interested to go to school, I’m now trying to find the right school for her. But we’re planning to bring her to a regular school next year. This year, we just enrolled her to a summer workshop to prepare her and to see if she is ready to go to school. Well, she really loves going to school. Now that her summer workshop ended, we plan to enroll her at Kindermusik and I’m still waiting for their schedules.

Looking for a preshool for her is not an easy task. First, I am surprised with the tuition fees of preschools near our place here in Quezon City. The tuition fees start from PhP50,000 plus up to 70,000 plus, huh!, really expensive. I wonder how much is the tuition fee now for a college degree. So, we’re still hunting for a school which is not too expensive but really good in teaching children. We like to find a school that practices new ways of teaching kids and will not put too much pressure on her so that she will enjoy going to school and I hope we could find that school soon.

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