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“You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry”

Posted By on May 10, 2009

hulkNot only do we feel sad, not only do we feel happy, but we also feel angry about anything that displeases us.  These are all human emotions.  It is normal to feel all of these.  But we must be careful to let emotions to have control over us, especially anger.  Because if it gets out of control this can destroy relationships.  Too many homes were destroyed because of anger.   Too many hearts are broken because of harsh words and worst many were physically hurt by their loved ones.  Sometimes, I wonder how come a husband hurt their wife and children terribly and worst even kill them.  Maybe because they let anger controls them (aside from those drug addicts out there).

Anger leads people to forget that, “hey, I love this person more than anything else in this world” or just forget that they care for them.  In just a sudden burst of anger, all the love that they have for each other would disappear in a snap. Things that they’ve been through to be with each other would be forgotten.   It is sad that when we get angry we utter words that we shouldn’t have said, take actions that we shouldn’t have taken.   There is a saying “Harsh words break no bones but they do break hearts.”  As incredible hulk would say “you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”.  Most of us are like him when we get angry.  We turned into someone who is really different from our own self through the words we say and actions we take that hurt other people. These can be avoided if we don’t let anger control us because emotions are so powerful.

But how?  I myself do not know the exact answer because just like everyone else I’m still learning to control my emotions.  The only thing that I am sure is that again, we should not give all the power to our emotions to control us in order not to destroy our relationship with others.  Even if we don’t care much for a specific person, we still need to control the anger that we feel for her/him so that we’ll not hurt anyone.  Anger can take away all the love that we have in our hearts, do you want that to happen? I’m sure not.. So, let’s just take a deep breath and let go off the anger that we feel for others and always be reminded that we love them and it’s not worth it to let anger destroy this love we have for them.  Life is short.

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