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What to do if you suck at interviews?

Posted By on April 14, 2009

Not all people are really good at interviews.  There are people who suck at interviews but are qualified for the job and really good in fulfilling the tasks assigned to them and there are some who are really good at interviews but do suck at delivering their job responsibilities.  This explains why a company would sometimes hire people that can not perform well in their jobs and missed out people who can perform very well and has a passion for excellence. I read somewhere from an individual who posted a comment about a related issue, his tip is to wear a really nice and short skirt at interviews because in the company where he is working they have women employees who wear clothes like this and performing really bad (hehehe).

We can read through a lot of articles that the secret for the interview problems of most of us is to get ready before the interview.  This is really a helpful tip but there are times that whatever preparation you would do, you would still blew up an interview. So, I believe that there are really people who have talents for interviews, they can impress and persuade the interviewer that they are the best candidate for the job even if they are really not and there are some who need this talent in order for them to show that they are really the ones who fit for the job.  And so when I saw this commercial recently, it made me really laugh and maybe one day I might consider this idea …hahaha Here it is…


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