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Our Dear “Kasumi Simone”

Posted By on December 15, 2005

Born: December 11, 2005, 8:35am

Weight at birth: 7lbs and 10 oz.

Length at birth: 26 1/2 inches


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7 Responses to “Our Dear “Kasumi Simone””

  1. Jing says:

    betchay!!!!!! ang GANDA, GANDA naman ng baby nyo. she’s so cute and cuddly. congrats! 😀

  2. silentprincess says:

    elo, jing! thnks!! :))

  3. Jenny Sanvictores says:

    beautiful precious cutie pie!!!! love the cupid lips!!! soooo adorable!!!! bless the baby!

  4. silentprincess says:

    thnks,jen!! mwah!!!!

  5. Tata says:

    Congrats beth! :) ang cute nga ng baby mo :) not sure though pero kamukha mo ata siya no? :) and anlaki nga nya :) my own baby weighed just a little over 5 lbs at birth and nahirapan na ako ng husto :) will be posting some of my bb’s pix on my own blog soon :) congrats ulit :)

  6. silentprincess says:

    thnks tata and congrats din… mas kamukha nya husband ko.pero mukhang sakin ang mata nya.ntayin ko pics ng baby mo.. 😉

  7. hector sanvictores says:

    hi Kasumi. so nice to see your early photos. at that early date, you were already marked to be a princess. You are really a princess to the family. Love you and always do your best in whatever activity you decide to join.
    Love Popsie

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