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B.U.M Summer 2011 Collection and “My Reality, My Story” Contest

Posted By on April 12, 2011

Last Friday (April 8, 2011), Silent Princess attended the B.U.M’s 2nd Bloggers Night event at Dulcinea, Tomas Morato, Quezon City for the launching of B.U.M Equipment’s Summer 2011 collection and their new online contest entitled “My Reality, My Story”.

The contest is open for boys and girls, 13 years old above and residents of the Philippines. My Story defines today’s youth moods of Emo and Goth Fanatics, starting with My Reality – a collection of thoughts expressed through fashion and the style of what actually exists. All you have to do is to buy a My Story collection Tee identifiable by BUM’s My Story Swing Tags and then submit a picture of yourself wearing the My Story Tee along with your story about how BUM influenced your “Realities”. For more details please see the video below or visit and their Facebook account.

For the B.U.M Equipment’s Summer 2011 Collection see the video below:

It was really my first time to mingle with bloggers since most of the time, I was with my husband in attending launching events like this. I felt awkward at first, since most of the bloggers who were there know each other already. Being the Silent Princess, I was really quiet at my table waiting for the launching to start and was hesitant to talk to the lady in front of me.  Before the event started, I was thankful that Bec (the lady in front of me) finally broke the ice and talked to me  hehehe.

Below are some photos of the said event:

My Favorite: Silence :D


And the Winner is... AZRAEL :D

Dino Imperial, one of BUM Equipment’s models, was there and he  shared his story as well as answered the questions thrown to him by the bloggers wittingly.   He is such a cool and fun boy.   He made the event fun and lively.  Here are some photos of him I took:

So, if you want to win an iPad2, grab a BUM’s My Story Tee now!  Wear it, ask someone to take a picture of you wearing that shirt and submit your picture and your story!  Goodluck!

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