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T3FUN Press Launch 2011

Posted By on February 28, 2011

Last Saturday (February 26, 2011), Silent Princess attended the T3Fun Press Launch at Oakwood  Hotel in Ortigas. The said event was hosted by DJ Sky of 99.5 RT and attended by fellow invited bloggers and some of the press media.

The launch started with Mr. Taesun An’s opening remarks and followed by the introduction of T3Fun’s major MMORPGs such as Aika Global and CardMon Hero which were developed by Hanbitsoft.

DJ Sky/Playmate Sky

Mr. Taesun An of T3Fun

The Introduction of Aika Global

The MMORPG Aika Global  had garnered numerous awards in 2009 Korean Game Awards such as BEST OF SHOW: Prime Minister Award, PLAYER’S CHOICE: Best Online Game, and Best Game Design & Scenario.  The PRAN is only one of the unique features of the game and it was created to assist the Aitans in Lakia.  It evolves from being a little fairy to a child, a teenager and then to an adult just like an Aitan does.

The Introduction of CardMon Hero

CardMon Hero is a free to play MMORPG designed with trading card game elements which allows the players to command their primary character to battle in the frontline and be backed up with varieties of monsters summoned through the magical cards.  It brings forth a new face of MMO entwined with the highly animated trading card monsters that spring to life  in between fights.

The introduction of these T3Fun’s MMORPGs was  followed by Q&A and showing of CardMon’s cosplayers.  A delicious buffet meal was served for the invited guests and we also enjoyed the unlimited photos on their photo booth.  It was an interesting event and got me interested to try to play these games. When I got home, I immediately installed the game and currently, enjoying playing these games hihihi.

More photos below:

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