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Arnel Pineda’s Farewell Gig at Rockville Bar

Posted By on January 27, 2011

Once again, the silence of Silent Princess was shaken by the voice of Arnel Pineda last night.  Yes, Silent Princess watched him again as he rocked the world of his fans at Rockville bar for the last time before The Journey’s World Tour.  That was his farewell gig for his loyal followers and he did not fail to rock, entertain, and melt their hearts through his voice.  It was a night of rock, fun, and love for all of us who were there.

As we were enjoying listening to Arnel Pineda as he sang this heart-warming song (sorry, I forgot the song but I think it’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water”), I saw this lady at the front wiping her tears and even Arnel was teary-eyed.  I didn’t know why this lady cried,  maybe because she was touched by the song and voice of Arnel and remembered someone she dearly love.  Oh well, I guess that’s how strong the effect of Arnel’s voice was in this lady’s heart or in every lady’s heart ^^.

I was very happy that Arnel Pineda sang some of Sting’s songs and I really enjoyed as he sang King of Pain and Every Breath You Take.   Everyone’s heart melted when he sang his original song “So Wrong”.  And of course, who would not be shaken when he sang the song Black Dog by Led Zeppellin.  I really couldn’t describe his awesomeness.

The bands who also performed that night were the AMMO band and Daughters 5.  It was my first time to watch this Daughters 5 band, composed of 5 sisters and their performance was really really good-I enjoyed it very much.  Among the crowd who were enjoying the performance of Arnel Pineda was Mr. Joey de Venecia III.

Ok, enough with the stories. View some pictures and videos of Arnel Pineda below:  Enjoy!

Among the crowd was Mr. Joey de Venecia III

Daughters 5 Band

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3 Responses to “Arnel Pineda’s Farewell Gig at Rockville Bar”

  1. fabb says:

    Thank you for the pics and videos, Silent Princess! Looks like good times at Rockville!

  2. silentprincess says:

    yes, always! Thank you for visiting! ^_^

  3. Ebie says:

    Naku po! VIP seat ka yata, ang lamit mo sa kanya!

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