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A Preview of the Video Game Awards 2010

Posted By on January 17, 2011

Hey gamers out there, yours truly, Silent Princess got invited to preview the Video Game Awards 2010 a week before the show’s TV telecast in Asia. It was my first time to watch a Video Game Award and I had a great time watching it.   The stage production design was so cool, giving the feel of the video games you play.

Neil Patrick Harris, known before as Doogie Howser Md and now a star on How I Met Your Mother, hosted the show.  He tried his best to entertain the audience.

Dane Cook presented the nominees for the Character of the Year award with pictures of him with the video game characters and video presentations of these video characters accepting the nomination which were really entertaining.  Sgt. Woods from Call of Duty: Black Ops won this award.

Sgt. Woods from Call of Duty: Black Ops- Character of the Year

Below were some of the other presenters of the said Video Game Award:

Olivia Munn from “Attack of the Show!”

Todd Howard

Rachel Bilson

Denice Richard

They also showed world premiere trailers of video games to watch out for like Dark Night-Batman: Arkham City, Thor: God of Thunder, X-Men:Destiny, Mass Effect 3, Resistance 3, Protoype 2, Portal 2, SSX: Deadly Descents, etc.  which were really awesome.  And if you’re a fan of My Chemical Romance band, then you should not miss this show.

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance

Red Dead Redemption won the Game of the Year Award, BioWare won the Studio of the Year award, Limbo- Best Independent Game, Portal 2- Most Anticipated Game, Best Shooter-Call out duty: Black Ops, and Neil Patrick Harris- Best Performance by Human Male.

Neil Patrick Harris- Best Performance by Human Male

This is only a glimpse of the Video Game Awards 2010 and you should not miss this show. So,on January 23, 2011, rest for a while in playing your favorite game and watch the Video Game Awards 2010. Enjoy!

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