Silent Princess

Breaking the Silence


| April 13, 2009

I spell out some words that I don’t want for kasumi to hear or understand…Just like this “ipanood mo na lang mamaya kay kasumi eh B-L-U-E-S C-L-U-E-S”… because  it was her nap time I didn’t want her to hear from me those words because she might ask us to play her Blue’s Clues CD instead […]


| March 5, 2008

Got the time for a new design for my blog for 2008. I haven’t update this blog for a while now. I couldn’t’ think of what to put on the description on this blog and so, I just put “A blog about something”. I ended up with this description because of Kasumi. Everytime I would […]

Kasumi’s Multiply Site

| December 4, 2007

Visit Kasumi’s Multiply Site at

My hard disk Crashed, My world Crashed!

| November 27, 2007

My hard disk crashed!!! waahhh!  It feels like end of the world for me.  I immediately rushed my laptop to the repair shop and there they told me that I wouldn’t be able to retrieve my files whaatt!!!! I felt like crying that time.  Now, I learned my lesson to always back-up my files. Actually, […]

Kasumi in “Disney&Me” Magazine

| November 20, 2007

Thank God You’re Back, My long lost Ate!

| August 30, 2006

Just finished talking on my cp for about an hour. I never thought I would speak to her again. I’m so happy. After 7 years of no communication and searching, at last I heard from her again. She was a friend of my sister and she lived with us in Cavite for a long time. We treated her as a member of the family. We’re very close to each other. I tried to search the internet, hoping to find her there…Called her on her friend’s number but couldn’t find her, especially when I was about to get married. I hoped to see her on that special day.

Ina (my mother) and I, were just talking about her last Sunday on the phone. She said that she dreamt of her. I told her that sometimes I dreamt of her too. I told her that I have been searching the internet to look for her but I couldn’t find her there. Ina is very worried of what happened to her, whether if she’s still alive or not.

Falling In-Love Like Never Before

| June 28, 2006

Remember the feeling of having your first Crush?..Your first infatuation?…Your first Love?…and Your True Love? Beyond all of that is the feeling of having a child. No exact words can really describe it. A love so, so much deeper. I thank God for giving me this wonderful opportunity of being a mother. It’s really amazing how God designed us women to bear children and to have this great affection towards them – making us so selfless.

It reminded me of the movie “Darkwater”. A horror movie?? (you’re wondering why hehehe) Well, besides from being scary it does have a lesson in relation to my post today. Actually, my father-in-law was the one who told us the lesson from that movie after we watched it. It was the sacrifice of a mother’s life just to let her child live. Now, that I’m a mother I can truly say that I am willing to give to my baby everything even my last breath.

Preggy Baby Yeah!!

| April 27, 2005

Supposedly my entry today is about our vacation in Cebu last April 15-17 but something very exciting thing surprised us.  I’m going to be a mom soon.  I’m elated, excited and happy.  Especially the first time I knew that I was pregnant in my first pregnancy test in the office last tuesday.  Yepyep, in the […]

Having Fun With Family

| March 5, 2005

Sunday is our family day with my in-laws like most filipino families. After attending a worship service, we usually eat lunch at hubby’s grandmother’s house (father side) with the rest of the family including cousins, aunts and uncles. Â Sometimes, me and hubby would eat lunch at my in-laws’ house in antipolo if they were unable to go to nanay Vic’s house (hubby’s grandmother) or if they just wanted us to visit them to watch some DVDs together and for hubby, my father-in-law, and brother in-law to have some jamming session (jazz gigs baga). After lunch, jamming and some chitchat, we would go to malls to shop or window shop, watch the latest movie, eat dinner at different restaurants, watch jazz gigs, etc.

My Ka-ek-ekan

| February 22, 2005

Finally, after all the modifications on the design and other kaekekan, I’m satisfied. The website is now up and am already starting to blog. But ofcourse, I have still plans of putting additional features here.(If time permits) Why Silent Princess? You may wanna ask. As you can see the poem on this blog was composed by my dear hubby, coz I forced him to do that so I could use it here..heheh Actually, Silent Princess originated from his jazz music composition for me (he plays bass guitar fyi) when I gave him silent treatment, way back 2003 I guess. I do that whenever he makes me sulk. Well, usually, I do that whenever I get mad or when my unpredictable mood strikes even with friends and family, since birth I think hehe. To continue, my hubby doesn’t know what to do that time and the reason of my silent tantrum so, he went to their jammin’ room at my in-laws’ house and played his bass guitar and was inspired by the sullen aloofness I did (hehe..nice inspiration huh). He then, composed a jazz music and entitled it Silent Princess. From then on, I used it as my pen name to appreciate my hubby’s composition and in a way affirming that I am really a silent person (ok, if I’m not with friends.. to avoid some violent reactions here..hehe) and though not a real princess, but a princess in my hubby’s heart . And by the way that princess thing started during our bolahan days.. ahihihi!